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The establishment of the Thermal Division (Wärmetechnisches Büro) in the new steelworks and rolling mill of Vítkovice Ironworks represented a significant milestone. Its main activity was conducting measurements and analyses of temperatures, pressures, and gases. Over time, its role expanded to include the regulation of thermal regimes in metallurgical furnaces, which can be considered the beginning of industrial automation.
Strojně-početní stanice


The payroll accounting station was equipped with the Hollerith system from IBM – USA. This system consisted of four sets, including card sorters, punches, verifiers, tabulators with printers for simple systems, and a card punch calculator with a card reader. All equipment was owned by IBM, users only rented it. The station was used to prepare part of the accounting statements and to calculate gross wages. During the occupation, the station was relocated to various locations, including the Hukvaldy stud farm and the castle. It had three departments: punching, machinery, and registry. It could process 9000 cards per hour during counting and 6000 during the output of individual items.


The first automatic regulation on a steel furnace.


The Thermal Division, the Communication Technology Division, and the Precision Engineering Departments were merged into a new operation, the MAINTENANCE OF MEASURING AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY. The activities of the Maintenance of Measuring and Information Technology operation were further expanded to include maintenance of NC machines and SIEMENS 305 computers, with 375 employees.

In 1965, compact tabulators GAMMA 10 were added to the GAMMA 3 ET and GAMMA 172 computers. These programmable systems were capable of performing complex logical operations and calculations. Concurrently, punched tape was introduced as an input medium, leading to the introduction of organizational automata for data processing. However, small French computers soon reached their capacity limits.



The beginning of the installation of an immense number of computers for management, technological processes, research institutes, scientific workplaces, and design and engineering.

1991 - zkoušení zařízení velínu nové linky


On July 1, 1989, a new plant called AUTOMATION was established, which became the final supplier of automated systems for technological and production processes.



VÍTKOVICE CAD/CAM Systems, spol. s r.o. was renamed to VÍTKOVICE ITS a.s., creating a strategic center for providing and coordinating IT and communication services within the VÍTKOVICE holding. VÍTKOVICE ITS a.s. focused on comprehensive services in the field of information and communication technologies, with a focus on IS/IT operation outsourcing and software for optimizing industrial processes. Its main activity was the development of custom software solutions, especially for industrial plants. In July 2005, the concentration of information technologies into one company occurred, followed by the transformation from an LLC to a joint-stock company in September.


The establishment of VÍTKOVICE IT SOLUTIONS a.s.



On July 31, with effect from January 1, 2011, VÍTKOVICE IT SOLUTIONS a.s. merged with VÍTKOVICE ITS a.s., MEDIUM SOFT a.s. (June 9, 1992 - LLC / July 14, 1997 - JSC / July 31, 2011) and NETPROSYS, s.r.o. (July 23, 1997 - 2011).

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