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On the road to cleaner energy: our presentation at Hyvolution 2024"

At the Hyvolution trade fair in Paris, we had the honor of presenting the future direction of the energy industry, specifically in the field of hydrogen technologies. This trade fair is a recognized platform for showcasing the latest innovations and trends in energy, and we were proud to introduce our cutting-edge SMART hydrogen storage solution.

Our technology focuses on hydrogen storage at extreme pressures ranging from 500 to 1050 bars, placing our solution at the forefront in terms of safety and efficiency. Throughout the trade fair, we had the opportunity to engage in discussions with experts, potential customers, and partners who expressed significant interest in the possibilities of our technologies and their real-world applications.

With this technology, we are not only pushing the boundaries of what is possible in hydrogen storage but also contributing to a sustainable energy future. We believe that hydrogen technologies are key to achieving zero emissions and fundamentally changing how we think about energy, its production, and storage.

We thank all the participants of the Hyvolution trade fair for their interest and support, and we look forward to further collaboration on the journey towards cleaner and more sustainable energy.


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