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Brickhouse 2024: intersection of innovations and technological trends

On February 14, 2024, Brickhouse will host a technology workshop specially tailored for our clients and partners. This day will be a celebration of the latest trends and innovations in the IT world, providing an ideal platform for knowledge sharing and inspiration.

Participants can look forward to a series of presentations and panel discussions, where experts from various fields will present their visions and insights on the latest technological trends. The workshop will offer a unique opportunity to deepen professional knowledge, exchange experiences, and build new contacts in a friendly and stimulating atmosphere.

Breaks and the informal part of the program will be enhanced with great food and drinks, providing participants with the opportunity to relax and engage in informal networking among like-minded individuals who share a common direction - the direction of progress and innovation.

We look forward to meeting you at Brickhouse, where together we will explore what the IT world has to offer and collectively shape the future of technology.


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